Monday, September 21, 2009

Thriller Dance Steps

This post is for the ladies in my ward helping me out with Thriller. Here is a written version of the dance steps. I'm sure they're confusing--Hopefully it'll be more clear the more we practice.

THRILLER DANCE STEPS (from Sept. 16th)

*Step Right, Left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Shoulder shrugs
*Step right left, shoulder shrug right, head drop to shoulder 1 2 3 4 shoulder shrug 5 6 shoulder shrug 7 and 8.

Monster Walks Left and Right
*Step right, facing right, arms teed, hand flick 1 2 step together flick 3 4, repeat 5 6 7 8.
Step right side, together with monster arms, head thrown back 1 2, repeat 3 4.
Repeat on left side, step left side, together with monsters arms head thrown back 5 6, repeat 7 8.

Slide Right, Pivot Sequence
*Right step, left together right, throw back head 1 and 2, right step left together chest rests on knee 3 and 4, pivot to left 5, plie 6, snap up 7, snap down 8.

The Egyptian
*Clap overhead (feet come together) 1, slap sides 2, slide right with Egyptian head 3 4 5, left step in 6, shoulders up 7, shoulders down on And, head flip right 8, head flip front on And . . .
Repeat The Egyptian Left
*Clap overhead 1, slap sides 2, slide left with Egyptian head 3 4 5, right step in 6, shoulders up 7, shoulders down on And, head flip left 8, head flip front on And . . .

Monster Walk with Swing
*Monster hands up, walk right crossover left, repeat 1 2 3 monster hands swing left 4 swing right 5 swing left 6, crossover right 7, step left 8 swing right 1 left 2 right 3 crossover left 4, step right 5 swing left 6, swing right 7, swing right 8.
Right arm up 1, down to side with plie 2, swing around with left foot and left shoulder shrug forward 3 4 5 6 until facing back, head flip over left shoulder 7, head flip back 8.

Monster Lunges
With hands on bent knees, step (toward back of stage) starting with left foot, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Good thing we're practicing for the next month! Thanks for helping me out. Nicole


caligirl said...

Hey I put the video of us doing Thriller on my blog...just for you!!! Hopefully it will help.

The Martineaus said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole, Noell and I rented the Thriller video back in the 80s and played that thing a thousand times until we memorized that dance. The first time I saw that Jennifer Garner movie, "13 Going on 30" and that scene where she busts out and does the Thriller dance at that party, I about died, I was blushing and laughing so hard, I didn't know anyone else had done that!?

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